Some LibreOffice and OpenOffice Differences

OO Font List image

Regular readers of this blog will note I posted about the ham fisted decision of the Ubuntu world to force in the “O” versions of Linux Libertine fonts instead of the “G” versions which come bundled by default with LibreOffice. Some of my fellow authors and people I “know” on-line asked me to kick the […]

Secret to G fonts in LibreOffice on KDE Neon

after font install

The list of people who have been burned by this grows daily and still it won’t get fixed in Ubuntu based distros. Work with Linux Libertine in LibreOffice because that used to be the default font. Finish writing your book or other work which needs to be sent out for editing. Send it out to […]

Best Linux Word Processor in 2019

Now that The Minimum You Need to Know About the Phallus of AGILE is out for another round of editing, I have a bit of time to experiment with word processor software on my KDE Neon 64-bit desktop. Some of you will remember that I kicked some tires back in January. Regrettably I started a […]