Linux Distros That Suck at Multiple Hard Drives

Lenovo M93p ThinkCentre front

Some Linux distros really suck at dealing with multiple hard drives. Too many “maintainers” only have a laptop. Background You need a wee bit of background before we jump in. Hopefully you can see the featured image. Recently picked up this Lenovo M93p ThinkCentre from eBay. I specifically bought an M93p instead of M83 because […]

First Look – Solydxk

Solydxk screenshot

This is really what KDE Neon should have been. Not some buggy YABU but straight off of Debian. Hopefully those in charge will consume this distro and re-brand it KDE Neon. Having heaped that kind of praise it is not without its quirks. While the “Welcome” screen slide show you manually navigate through seems nice, […]

First Look at KDE Neon 5.8.6

I finally got fed up with the sluggish performance of Linux Lite on my I7 Quad-core. I mean a box with 16Gig of RAM, an SSD and an Nvidia card having 384 CUDA core ought to run much better. Indeed it has run much better with other distros but those distros had issues I couldn’t […]