Expires Faster Than Milk

It’s amazing how quickly things become useless and outdated on the Internet. What is worse is people usually choose one of the first five search results and consider it Gospel no matter how horribly out of date it is. Recently I got a bit nostalgic for some of the DOS work I used to do. […]

What is a “Government Issued Phone?”

Yes, Hillary greased up and slipped through the fingers of justice again, just like her hubby is prone to do. Yes, Tim Cook of Apple decided the company could make more money protecting terrorists and pedophiles than it ever could helping to protect global citizens from them. All of this should leave the average citizen […]

Disappointed With Democratic Convention

While I really did like the political cartoon I saw with a caption “The Duel” where both party mascots shot themselves in the foot, I must say I was horribly disappointed with Monday night at the Democratic convention. The Republican convention was at least good fake reality, entertaining enough to watch the whole thing. Kind […]