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I Miss Head Crashes

I know it seems unreal to wax nostalgic for head crashes, but at least then you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt the drive was bad. Today’s drives seem to half-fail. I was reminded of this story for two reasons. I listed this machine on craigslist, and it appears…

i5 with super floppy
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A Faster Hard Drive Makes Your Computer Slower

It sounds like the most counter intuitive statement one could make. A faster hard drive makes your computer slower. If you understand how and why you will understand it is a fact. A faster hard drive really can make your computer slower. This is more fallout from my Manjaro experiments….

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Western Digital’s Odd Drive Failures

Recently I have both been witness to and heard of a series of odd WD drive failures. The first was a personal experience with an eBay special computer I had purchased for my parents. Naturally these things wait to fail until you are out of state and unable to help…