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A Fedora 33 Virus?

 seasoned_geek  February 26, 2021

Several weeks ago Google started popping up their “we’ve noticed suspicious activity” screen and making me respond to a Captcha any time I used them to search something. I try to use Google as little as possible because nobody should…

Lenovo M93p ThinkCentre front

Linux Distros That Suck at Multiple Hard Drives

 seasoned_geek  January 27, 2021  2 Comments on Linux Distros That Suck at Multiple Hard Drives

Some Linux distros really suck at dealing with multiple hard drives. Too many “maintainers” only have a laptop. Background You need a wee bit of background before we jump in. Hopefully you can see the featured image. Recently picked up…

Fedora 33 Black Screen Again

 seasoned_geek  January 20, 2021  3 Comments on Fedora 33 Black Screen Again

Fedora and Nvidia. We can one day hope Fedora actually tests with Nvidia at some point in the future. For RPM based distros I just don’t hold out hope. Few things piss me off more than being notified I need…

CopperSpice Experiments – Pt. 18 – The Pull Request

 seasoned_geek  December 2, 2020

It has been a very long time coming, life kept getting in the way here, but my Diamond editor changes are ready for pull. For those who don’t give a rat’s behind about the pull request, here are the new…