Neither Flakon nor Epiphany browsers will play videos

This is really annoying.

As more and more people and companies attempt to monetize OpenSource we are going to see more and more of this shit. It all has to do with licensing and it is a pain in the ass.

You installed either Falkon or Epiphany (also called Gnome Web) because they are somewhat light and have “private” browsing options that will help you keep your identity. While nothing is actually “safe” on the Web, at least in these modes they purge all of the local storage when you close and they do ask sites to not track you.

For the non-geek, purging of local storage is really important and not just because you might be looking at naughty pictures. Advertisers and nefarious individuals (tomato – tomato) leave a rash of cookies on your computer. If your grandpa asks you to research “hemorrhoids treatment,” even if you use DuckDuckGo so your search history isn’t tracked, every one of the sites you visit is going to stuff a bunch of cookies in your browser.

The next time you surf the Web Google and other nefarious advertising groups will look for those cookies. So, when you and your significant other pop open the browser to plan a romantic get-away (once COVID-19 is over) right next to the romantic hotel shots will be an add for hemorrhoids treatment. Nice, huh?

This little trick will not fix Opera browser not playing videos. There appears to be many miles of broken glass you must crawl naked across to make that work. On Ubuntu 20.04 LTS you can fix these two browsers.

sudo apt install ubuntu-restricted-extras

Every year more and more shit gets moved into “restricted” and “non-free” repos as more and more people/companies try to monetize OpenSource.

By seasoned_geek

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