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Most Linux distros have Jed in their repos. You should install Jed whenever you set up a new Linux system. Many Linux utilities that launch a terminal based editor will default to Jed if they find it. If not they usually stick you with icky-nasty vi.

The “approved” way rather sucks. Arch based distros like Manjaro provide pamac. Arch wants everyone to do everything by themselves. First you have to find the package you want via a Web browser.

AUR package search

You have to be very careful with AUR packages. These aren’t well vetted and someone could have uploaded a malicious tweak to a trusted package. Just because you are building a package from source doesn’t mean it is safe.

Put your packages all in one place

We already installed build-devel setting up the VM. Just need to install git now.

install git
git clone https://aur.archlinux.org/jed.git
clone jed
cd jed
makepkg -si
building package

If you are curious, the s option resolves and installs dependencies. The i option installs the package after successful build. After the build chews for a while and you see all kinds of messages about fakeroot and /usr/bin/install you will finally be prompted for your password.

password prompt for install

The package may have built and installed itself in a fakeroot environment, but it won’t actually install without a valid sudo password. After that Jed is yours.

jed editing little C program

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