2020 – The Year AGILE Bankrupts Amazon

You really would have to be living under a rock in a third world country to not have heard about the new lawsuit against Amazon (AMZN) and Ring. If you have just click the link and watch the ABC News report. Having this happen during an election year after all of the privacy issues Facebook, […]

Will the Last One to Leave eBay Please Turn Out the Lights?

I have bought a lot of stuff on eBay over the years. I even bought a Jeep on there and had it shipped from New Hampshire. The site used to be known as “America’s Garage Sale” but lately it has devolved into “just another shopping mall.” Heck, I’ve even bid on keyboards I thought were […]

The Indie Book Store Solution

This is part of a discussion I started on Linked-in. Since it is important I thought I would post a version of it here for those who don’t belong to that group or Linked-in. —- Lots of places have tried various methods of solving the Indie book store survivability problem. Most Indie book stores actually […]