Rijel 12


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Science Fiction
Date Published: 11/23/18
Publisher: Chandra Press
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The remote Intergalactic Penal Colony on the planet Rijel 12 is a very profitable enterprise. Its desolate surface is an uninhabitable wasteland relentlessly scorched by its sun, but inside the planet is a vast treasure trove of the most precious resources in the galaxy.
Prisoners sentenced to Rijel 12 know it’s a one-way ticket. It used to be a convict would serve their time and come home. That stopped a while ago. Inmates are forced to work the mines in wretched conditions and the death rate is staggering. Luckily for the warden, new inmates arrive monthly to replenish the labor pool. Business has never been better.
From the darkness of their miserable existence, one prisoner decides to take a stand and begins to organize a resistance. Inmates rally to the cause and prepare for rebellion. Can the rag-tag rebels of ‘New Australia’ succeed in their quest for freedom or will the warden and the overpowering might of the Interplanetary Authority extinguish their only hope?
From new author, King Everett Medlin, comes an action-packed epic of hope, rebellion, and the quest for redemption.
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Guest Post

My Writing Process

I begin by writing down an idea – any idea.  These often come to me out of nowhere.  I never know WHEN I’m going to get one but regardless of how or what time of day it comes; I must stop everything and jot it down; preferably in an Email.

The best example of this is Ragerlaw Street.  I woke up from a nightmare at about 4am one morning.  My wife heard me stirring awake so she asked if I was okay.  I told her everything I remembered from the dream … she told me to go write it down before I forgot so I did.  I got up.  Made a pot of coffee, then another, and by 6pm that evening I was done.  I’d done all the research necessary for it, even researched a location for the story to take place.  I wrote down all I remembered, then constructed a plot.  When I get ready to write it in 2020, that’s when I’ll utilize a writing process which has enabled me to put out three full novels every year for the past five years:

I first write the premise.  That’s basically who does what … to whom … and where/when he does it to them.  It’s no different than what I learned in school about writing paragraphs.

From there I devise a synopsis, which is merely an expansion of that original premise:  An opening paragraph or two sets the stage for where we are as the story unfolds.  The main character is introduced, then I detail what is he or she does to resolve the main conflict in the story.  It is vital that I do a great job on this part of the process, as I’ll be referring back to it months or even years later when it’s time to write the book.

I next take the synopsis and develop a Roman numeral outline.  This helps me break down the story into sections which will eventually become chapters.  In fact I inevitably end up using them as chapters from the outset, sometimes expanding them; sometimes contracting them.  I try to do this in a single day; so that I maintain a consistent flow of thought.

After the outline I develop a chapter-by-chapter synopsis.  Knowing what my chapters are likely going to be by now, I write a brief summary of what happens in each.  When complete I review the entire document, searching for inconsistencies and trouble-shooting them as I go.  Upon completion, I then write the ending!  This way I have a guide to follow all the way to the end of the book; knowing how it’s going to end all along.  By doing it this way I can interrupt the project and work on something else before continuing, picking up right where I left off.


About the Author

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King Everett Medlin has been writing since 2013 when he first developed the idea for Rijel 12. It was originally designed to be a SciFi series, with the objective of creating several short installments. Instead, he got a lucky break when Chandra Press from San Diego responded favorably to the original draft, deciding to publish it as a full-length novel. King lives in Denver, Colorado with his lovely wife Caroline and has two grown children. He’s a graduate of the University of Oklahoma where he played college Rugby and remains a diehard Sooners fan to this day. His specialties are Science Fiction and Mystery/Suspense novels, focusing on unusual stories with intriguing plot-lines and amazing characters.
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