Independence Day Ritual

Those who know me well know that at least every other year, if not every year, around the Independence Day holiday, I set aside time to watch “Gettysburg”. Now that there is a shorter version on DVD instead of the 4 tape VHS 8 hour set, it is not as huge of a time constraint as it used to be. Still, I watch it. Over the last few years it has been more important to me to watch it now than before.

Besides being an incredibly well done movie with high quality performances, it’s of amazing historical and cultural significance. The cultural significance for me is not the issues of the war at the time, but the will of the American people at that time. We have become such sissified panty waists since then it is unbelievable.

On July 1-3, 1863; for better or worse; the American culture had the will to leave 53,000 of its own on the field. This at a time when the entire population of the country was less than the current population of New York City today. Granted, we should have never went into Iraq. Eliminating Saddam and his family could have been accomplished with a few suitcases full of unmarked cash and a conversation with the Gotti family. An even bigger blunder was trying to trickle in troops. There is no might without overwhelming force. The biggest tragedy of it all is listening to the news. Hearing the complaints as the body count crosses 2000. It was a fight we simply didn’t have the will to be Americans in.

So, around Independence Day, you will find me watching “Gettysburg” and remembering that America once had a will and a purpose. It seems we have lost both.

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