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It is that time of year again. Unemployment rising, Holidays coming and people trying to cover the costs of their cell phone plan along with cable/satellite, etc. People decide to take a slow drive into the country dropping off their “unwanted” pets. I put unwanted in quotes because it is a nefarious term. Having worked in downtown Chicago I’ve seen homeless people with pets so . . .

Why dump them off in the country? Well, the dimwitted individuals “believe” their pet which has lived indoors all its life can somehow “fend for itself.” No, they can’t. They have no idea how to find food, you’ve always provided it. They have spent less than a handful of days, if that, without the climate control of a HVAC system. You’ve probably had them neutered (or are dumping them because you found out what it actually cost) so they don’t even have the extra hormones needed to defend themselves.

Oh, don’t worry about that “defense” because it won’t last. In the country, especially where I live, we have packs of coyotes running around. Your dog/cat will be pulled apart and eaten if not on the first night, before the end of the third. Your dog has never known “wild” and has probably been walked in parks with other dogs so believes they are all “cityfied.” The cat you dumped off is even worse off. Other parts of the country have wolves, but it doesn’t matter. You just fed your pet to them.

What brings up this particular rant? Take a look at the pic. Cat has to be less than one year old. Dumped off ahead of a great big rain storm. When it arrived you could still see the indentation in the fur around its neck where the “owner” removed the collar.  We got an inch of rain yesterday and it came down hard. This cat didn’t have a prayer.

In large part I blame the ASPCA and animal shelters in general for this problem, at least the urban legends and lore around them. Most people believe, rightly or wrongly, that they will be charged all of the neutering, vet, room and board fees when dropping a pet off. Many also believe they will also find themselves on a list of people who can no longer adopt pets and they don’t wish to be on it.

Years ago, back when we had livestock on this farm and a big barn, cats came and went all of the time. It was the same for my neighbors. Barn kitties would show up and then they would leave. They usually slept in the haymow or some place on the first level where livestock didn’t walk. You fed them when you fed everything else and some of them would even catch mice.

Get a clue people!

That Norman Rockwell image you have of the family farm with a big barn and a few head of this and that doesn’t exist anymore. Had the idiot who dropped this cat off even glanced around they would have found only one place with an actual barn and it isn’t a big barn that would have lots of barn kitties.

So, the cat is currently in my office. It was _obviously_ a house cat. Knew how to use litter from the word go. It is also at that highly affectionate stage of liking to rub against your legs, play with your stocking feet and purring continuously. It also doesn’t hold still long enough to get a good flip-phone picture. This would be a perfect cat for an elderly person looking for companionship.

At some point in the near future I will be leaving once again on a new contract. The cat needs a home. Leave a comment here or drop an email to me. You need to be within a short drive of Herscher, IL, well, probably as far as Kankakee.

Tomorrow I will probably take some time getting better pictures to send to the local vet and pet places hoping to find the one which gave this cat it’s shots. It is too perfectly groomed a cat to not be on record somewhere. If someone doesn’t take the cat before I find the original owner, and they will be found, nearly every place takes pictures of the animals they treat now, it will be a very sad day for the owner. They actually committed a crime.

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