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Why Bill Cosby and Not Bill Clinton?

Now that Bill Cosby’s trial has ended in a mistrial I find myself wondering why Bill Cosby found himself up on charges but Bill Clinton did not. This seems like a vicious miscarriage of justice. When one looks back at what still remains on-line about the Bill Clinton rape of Juanita Broaddrick there seems to be just as much if not more evidence against Bill Clinton yet he never faced charges.

Personally I have an immense hatred of people playing the race card at each and every turn and media eating it up for the click-bait it is. While a large part of me is tempted to lean that way on this one a bit more thought has one determining this is simply corruption in action. Bill Clinton didn’t face criminal charges because of the corruption of both the Clintons and the Democratic Party.

I am not a Trump fan or supporter. I didn’t vote for him and I certainly didn’t vote for Clinton. Yes, I did vote. Having said all of that I’m rather stunned at how much was made of the “locker room talk” tape and how little was remembered about Bill Clinton’s actual sexual transgressions.

Now we have an official criminal investigation into Loretta Lynch for interfering in the Clinton email probe. Many a Clinton fan will be saddened to learn just how deep this corruption ran. The real question right now is whether she ordered Comey to call it “a matter” before or after she had that clandestine meeting on the tarmac with Bill Clinton? Even more important will be the date on the email stating Lynch “won’t let it go too far” or something along those lines. If that email is after the clandestine meeting Lynch will have one of 3 options when called to testify:

  1. Fall on her sword and go to prison for a very long time for the Clintons praying each and every day a Democrat gets elected who will pardon her.
  2. Give up at least Bill Clinton and admit they did discuss the investigation during that clandestine meeting and she was told to use the vernacular of the campaign while trying to derail the investigation.
  3. Try to take the 5th.

That last option appears rather tricky to me. This is a case where a crime is alleged to have been committed with only two people in the room. One is making the allegation so if the other refuses to defend them self against it, the resulting criminal trial will be short. It won’t be just an obstruction charge for her. I don’t know what the extent will be, but the head of the Justice Department (at the time of the alleged crime) certainly should have more than an obstruction charge to worry about.

In short, if she tries option 3 it really will default to option 1. Prosecution can haul out the tapes, etc. where Comey really did start referring to it publicly as “a matter” instead of what department policy would have dictated, a criminal investigation.

This brings us back to Bill Cosby. He faced trial because he didn’t have the Democratic Party to engage in obstruction and other crimes to keep him out of court.