Thank You Sir May I Have Another

Watching it Spin Out of Control

Could it just be me? When I watched the video clip for this news story showing the woman testifying, I kept waiting for her to “go ghetto” on him ala “The Jeffersons.”

For those of you too young to remember “The Jeffersons”

While some today might resort to calling the show racist, there was a large cross section of America made up of all nationalities which considered it side splitting entertainment. In many ways, calling it a black version of “All in the Family” wasn’t unfair since it fit the model and actually spun off from that show. Though most didn’t realize it, both shows dealt with a lot of social and political issues over their long lives. (11 seasons for “The Jeffersons”) Because both shows adopted the “Equal Opportunity Offender” they could take on any issue not caring about who it offended. Barriers and boundaries were meant to be crushed for these shows. Nothing was too sacred to be poked at. “The Jeffersons” even featured TV’s first inter-racial couple. Neither of these shows could ever get put on the air in the pathetic society that exists today.

Quite simply I couldn’t get the image of George Jefferson being the one up at that microphone gyrating and screaming

We told our children for generations that once we had a black president things would be better, our people will have finally arrived. Well we did alright! We arrived at the conclusion that you ain’t any better than honkeys we stuck in that office before you, and some say you’re worse. You know what, when it comes to putting them down, I’m all outa ammo because life’s worse for everybody and ya just can’t hide it anymore! They used to say the same things about how once we got a woman president things would be better. Well thank you Mr. President, without being the woman running for office, you done shot her chances out of the saddle. It was a two for one sale and we got what we paid for! And by-the-way, thanks for opening up your seat creating an opportunity for the Illinois governor and Jessie Junior to make headlines yet again! Thanks a bundle for that!”

You see a lot of political commercials complaining about sending American jobs overseas. While that may very well be true for factory workers, it’s the loss of the really high paying technical jobs which has bankrupted the country. (Search this blog for “The Recession That Gartner Built.”) You heard oceans of complaints about H-1B visas and the abuse of Vacation visas, but the mother of all rectal penetrations felt by the American worker is the L-1 and blanket L-1 visa. The blanket L-1 allows any company the ability to bring in a virtually limitless number of foreign nationals with almost no background check what-so-ever. When Congress created this visa they created the al Qaeda Super Highway into the U.S. While wikipedia is never a great or reliable source of information just take a look at the L-1 article:

There is no cross checking done. Companies are free to pay these workers $10/day and stack them eight deep in a studio unit at Homestead Suites (as many do). There is a simple method of fixing this, while helping the economy. Change the L-1 single application fee to $150,000. Change the “blanket” L-1 fee to $1billion per year and charge $80,000 for every visa issued under the blanket. If companies really needed the skills those people provide they will continue to pay, if the L-1 visa is nothing more than legalized slavery, it will fade from existence. You can do a lot of training for $80,000 and even more for $150,000.

The majority of these workers pay little to no tax while in the United States yet consume our freedoms and services while here. They are also putting American workers out of jobs because not one company can prove there wasn’t an American technical worker with the required skills. Oh yes, they can generate reports from their Vendor Management System showing such things, but only because their Vendor Management System allowed them to commit a RICO crime by putting a wage/billing rate cap and having a system which blocks all submissions above said cap. Having such a system in place is at best, a price fixing charge. When you use the results of said system to bring in an H-1B or L-1 worker instead of a higher price American worker, you have just joined the wonderful world of racketeering.

Most corporations have been abusing the Vendor Management System reporting loopholes long enough now that any investigator can audit the system and find a pattern of criminal activity. Some has been done, but not nearly enough. Instead of focusing on the low end, Federal Prosecutors need to focus on the Fortune 500.