The Holier Than Thou Tax

By | May 28, 2011

Over the past few weeks we have been hearing stories about how every government in the Union is trying to increase revenue since the corrupt bastards that run the banking system were deregulated during the Clinton administration and allowed to continue running unchecked through the Bush administration flattened the economy. Since all of the elected criminals…errr…I mean officials view themselves as holier than thou (at least trying to portray such an image until we find out about cigar use in the oral office), the first thing they reach for is a new “sin” tax. Here in IL, that tax increase, plus mild price hikes by the manufacturer nearly doubled the cost of tobacco products a couple of weeks ago.

You know, this holier than thou sh*t has really gotta stop. They have already fraudulently lowered the blood alcohol level so far that you cannot walk through a room and smell an open can of beer with any hope of passing. Before they did that they taxed alcohol nearly out of existence, then they wondered why all of their tax revenue vanish. Gee, Einstein, what do you think happened?

Here in IL, and pretty much every other state that I have been to, the police departments have been horribly corrupted by both the legislature and the people who run them. Now; every raise, bonus, promotion, equipment upgrade, set of brakes for the squad car you’re driving, etc. all hinges on how many DUIs you issue. Law enforcement officers aren’t allowed to be law enforcement officers anymore. The system has forced them into becoming revenue generation machines simply to draw a paycheck.

Recently there was a big round up of police officers in Harvey IL on corruption charges of renting out their badges to provide security for drug dealers. The TV news had all kinds of officials putting their face in front of the camera saying how shocked they were that law enforcement officers would so quickly rent out their badge and the public trust. Yeah right! You manufactured them! You, the same person they are interviewing and a member of that same holier-than-thou cult which give us Al Capone, Murder Incorporated, and the first Heroin pipeline into America. You couldn’t remove all sin and form your religious Utopia with Prohibition, so now you are trying to get all sins taxed out of existence. I mean why wouldn’t you? Just look at the rousing success you had with Prohibition! That raid in Harvey was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your current round of success. In less than two years people will look back on the historic reports about corruption in the New Orleans police departments as the Norman Rockwell era.

I have finally figured out how to put this highly detrimental movement in check and help balance the budgets. The Holier Than Thou Tax. A $3 tax on every bible printed or imported into the United States. Doesn’t matter if they give them away, if it is created, it is taxed at the time of creation. Tax must be paid prior to the units leaving the printer. Same tax on every Tanakh and Quran and any other bible type book I’ve forgotten about. A $10 meeting tax will be levied for every service or other religious event occuring in a place of worship with the tax to be paid within 7 days of the event or service. Furthermore, the tax exempt status of all religious groups will be null and void, they will pay the same tax all other businesses pay.

Taxation has been favoring a religious agenda for far too long. It is time to enforce the separation of church and state by implementing the Holier Than Thou Tax. Uncle Sam will start looking forward to Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. They might even find the funds to help the Post Office stay open 7 days per week to keep the stream of revenue coming in.


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