Job Killing is Back in Vogue

By | January 3, 2014

It’s funny how things go full circle. During the early arguments about Obamacare when those against it were spouting what an ordinary citizen would consider nothing short of criminal fraud but politicians call “talking points,” one of their favorite buzz phrases was “job killing.” That was until Congresswoman Gabby Giffords got shot in the head, then they had to come up with a new phrase which wasn’t so “insensitive.”

Election campaigns make it difficult to watch or listen to supposed “news” broadcasts. So much of the air is polluted by talking heads spouting talking points, most of which have little to no basis in fact, that the programs shouldn’t really be able to call themselves “news” programs. They should be re-branded “partisan entertainment shows.”

I flipped on some news show the other night just wanting to find out how the market did without looking it up on my computer and stumbled into yet another republican talking head claiming something was “job killing.” I find it quite odd republicans mention anything about job killing since, as a party, they have killed more jobs than anyone. Who pushed through the tax breaks for companies to off-shore American jobs? Who blocked a vote on a bill which would give American companies who “insource” jobs?  Who voted to raise the visa cap so tech companies and off-shore consulting firms could import what, for all practical purposes, could be considered slave labor?

Before you go arguing about the slave labor statement do some digging. While there is supposed to be protection in place so visa workers have to be paid as much as a U.S. worker, it goes both ignored an for the most part unenforced. The New York Times reported there is no shortage of U.S. technical workers, only a shortage of wages. Those companies paying the actual market rate instead of a manufactured market rate based mostly on wishes and questionable surveys aren’t having any trouble getting the people they need. They want the visa workers because they are dramatically underpaid. We aren’t talking about being paid the low end of a regional range, we are talking about multiples below the range. There are stories circulating many of these workers are being billed out at around $20/hour when actual market rate is $70-80/hour. We aren’t talking about the person being paid $20/hr either, but the firm billing them out. Do the math and figure out what the worker is actually making.

I find it quite odd that the republican party, which sent sons and fathers into war to end slavery in this country, now does everything in its power to bring slavery back in all but name.

Before you go branding me a democrat, know this. I was born a republican and was a loyal voter until the party went completely off the rails after the Ronald Regan era. They’ve either lost their way or sold their soul.

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