It’s All About the Packaging

By | May 28, 2011

With the current global recession, rural areas have started being hit by a wave of thieves that ordinarily wouldn’t bother driving out to the country side. I guess the competition in the city is getting to intense. These aren’t the ordinary burglar type thieves, they are junkers. They drive around looking for building sites that don’t have anyone living there and pull in with truck and trailer looking for things that can be sold quickly at a junk yard. Ordinarily we were immune to such thieving, but recently they wheeled into two farms we have and made off with an International 302 gas truck engine along with some sweep augers. That got me thinking about why we were immune in the past.

Over a decade ago, a group of guys came over to go pheasant hunting. We had a fairly good day. Got a few birds and managed to stumble across the world’s dumbest coyote. Instead of turning left and running away from all of us it turned right and ran across all of us. Thankfully the last guy took time to aim, the rest of us were just burning powder as fast as we could.

One of the people in the hunting part was a relative whose spouse was teaching at a college. She told him before he came out that one of her classes were studying coyotes and if we happened to get one to bring it back so she could take it to school. We helped him load it up and the students took pictures, measurements, and every other kind of thing except cut it open for internal biology study. About a week later he called up wondering what to do with the coyote. Disposing of it in town was going to be a problem, but out in farm country we are still allowed to burn, so we told him to drop it off one day and we would take care of it.

Several days went by and he showed up one day when nobody was home. The dogs were quite excited to have something new out in the yard to sniff when he dropped the thing off. As luck would have it, later that day a delivery truck arrived with something I ordered. The driver had a new employee with them and was showing them the ropes of delivery out in rural America. When the new kid went to get out of the truck the driver yanked him back and had him close the door.

“Don’t get out.”

“Why not?”

“See that, it’s a dead coyote. Those dogs killed that coyote. You won’t make it back. Wait a few minutes and see if anyone comes out.

I know exactly how the conversation went because the truck stopped at a gas station in town and the new recruit told people working there the story. It doesn’t take long in a small town for news to travel. Pretty soon nobody got out of their car until they saw someone and salespeople quit stopping by.

That was a long time ago, and we no longer have two dogs. Apparently people have forgotten about the packaging as well.


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