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How Newegg Lost My Business

It is no secret that I buy from on-line vendors which pay sales tax in my state. It’s the only American thing to do. If you buy from Amazon to avoid paying sales tax, then the parasites of the world welcome you to their limited place in the evolutionary food chain.

 While we are at it, if you buy from Amazon, you also lose the right to complain about your children’s schools being shit, bridges neither painted nor repaired, the lack of both police and firemen or the lack of quality in them since you don’t get the best talent for the lowest wages, your problematic sewer and water systems, those hundred plus year old gas mains running directly under your house which could blow at any second, and a myriad of other things you feel are the responsibility of your state and local governments to maintain. You are the reason those things don’t get maintained. An on-line vendor took both jobs and sales tax from your state so the revenue stream your state has to work with dried up, all thanks to you.

 I used to buy most of my computer stuff from either or Microcenter because they both contribute sales tax to my state. Lately, I’ve noticed Newegg splitting my orders into multiple invoices so they can charge me individual shipping on my items. When one tacks an $8 keyboard onto an order with other items just to have another cheap spare lying around they do it because they want to take advantage of combined shipping. Getting charged $6+ dollars in shipping for an $8 keyboard that was tacked onto a larger order makes the keyboard NOT a deal. One is definitely money ahead to purchase a $12 (and presumably better) keyboard locally.

 No, I’m not writing this to get Newegg to change its policies. I’m writing this to let them know why my business will now be divided between Microcenter and Office Max.