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Democrats Without a 2016 Presidential Candidate?

This is a very real possibility in my opinion. For those who haven’t been paying attention, here is how it plays out.

  1. Clinton cronies stack the convention putting Hillary forth as the nominee.
  2. Clinton cronies and the “elite” of the Democratic party alienate Bernie Sanders at the convention.
  3. Dr. Jill Stein (whom you’ve never heard of) woos Bernie into her VP slot for the Green Party.
  4. With Bernie as the VP the Green Party forces 3-way presidential debates which haven’t happened since Ross Perot.
  5. For the first time in its existence the Green Party might actually win the presidential office.

Personally I think Gary Johnson made a massive and unforgivable tactical error choosing a running mate before the Democratic convention. He is already within shouting distance of the 15% polling needed to appear in the presidential debates. Had he waited to woo Bernie he would be polling in the 40% range. Instead he let that opportunity slip into the hands of Dr. Jill Stein. I do not know if she has chosen a running mate, but there was no mention of one in this article.

As to the Democrats going into November without a candidate, well, that is looking far more likely than it was 6 months ago. A recent article has a judge confirming an immunity deal and a criminal investigation. Having grown up hearing news stories about The Teflon Don and the FBI’s relentless pursuit of him I cannot believe they won’t move forward with prosecution, the only questions are when and how many people. I have never heard of the FBI offering immunity deals when they don’t already have the bit between their teeth.

So, IF the Democrats don’t choose Bernie at the convention there is a high probability they will face him in the fall without a candidate of their own.

There have been many articles about why a third party candidate won’t run. Just do a Web search using “why a third party candidate won’t run” and you will get pages of hits. Most of them have overlapping reasons, the biggest reason being “it is too difficult for a third party candidate to get on the ballot.”

All of these articles are pretty much wrong. There are already at least 2 third party candidates. Mr. Gary Johnson and Dr. Jill Stein. In the article I linked to her name it appears she will be on the ballot in 46 states and is in a vicious struggle to get on all 50. The Green Party convention is not until August 4, well after the Democratic convention, leaving her ample time to woo Mr. Sanders onto her ticket.

We have all heard various numbers when it comes to Trump and Hillary’s unfavorables. It appears they are consistently north of 40%. Some simpleton math means that leaves 60% for the other candidates to fight over. Granted that is a position which is at the start of the official presidential election season but, we are talking about a candidate with near zero name recognition adding a VP to the ticket that everyone knows. This will get them media interviews and Internet followers. Plan B will start looking a whole lot like Plan A to many voters.