Thank You Sir May I Have Another

Boehner’s Hail Mary to Rid the GOP of the Tea Party

There has been a lot of talk lately about how stupid it is for the Republican’s to put up a fight over raising the debt ceiling. Kind of odd since the reason we have to raise the debt ceiling right away is the $3.6 trillion the Republican’s added to spending by insisting on $450K instead of $250K as the portion of the upper class seeing a tax increase.

 Actually, I think it is brilliant. Besides a few people in Boehner’s inner circle, I’m probably one of the few who does. Yes, every bad thing the pundants have spouted about will happen. The government will shut down. Benefits checks won’t go out. Medicaid patients may be refused treatment for all but the most life threatening of conditions while the government isn’t paying anyone. On and on.

 Once the token few in this country who still have jobs see their retirement accounts decimated again, this time by Wall Street’s response to the government shutdown, there will be a massive outcry. The most important thing about the outcry will be its long memory, at least long enough to last until the midterm elections.

 This, I believe, is what Mr. Boehner is banking on. The outrage, its memory, and the ability of AARP to mobilize its members for the midterm elections. During the darkest days of the shutdown there will be “leaks” identifying Tea Party players coming up for election as being responsible for holding Americans hostage. Those leaks will help ensure that the post midterm houses have people who don’t view public service as retirement with a regular pay check, but are actually there to serve.

 It’s a gutsy play. It may also cost him his job, but, it is the only play left which can shove the Tea Party out to caves in Afghanistan to room with their Taliban brothers.