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America – The Newest Slave State

The pundits on the supposed news channels keep stating that the Democrats need to stop claiming the Republicans are waging war on the middle class. I saw it again just this weekend on CNN. I guess CNN chose to ignore today’s news.

That’s right. Not only does Mr. Romney like to fire people. He likes to make them work for minimum wage once he has eliminated their high paying job. Republicans have even started rolling out the Great Slavery Movement at the state level. As the article linked above states, Florida has changed its application process and is now routinely denying more than 50% of all legitimate claims.

I will agree this far with CNN reporting. Democrats have the name wrong. It’s not a war on the middle class, it is a war on anyone not born into the upper One Percent. The One Percenters have been patient in their multi-decade war aimed at turning us into a city state of China.

  1. They created tax breaks for American companies to send American jobs overseas.
  2. They pushed for a massive expansion of the H1-B visa program not because there was an actual shortage of technology workers, but because there weren’t technology workers in the U.S. willing to work for $10/day.
  3. They expanded and abused the L1 visa program to create a near limitless labor force which could be paid dramatically below prevailing wage and in many cases below the national poverty level.
  4. Now they are cutting off unemployment benefits for those hardest hit by the financial meltdown created by their Wall Street campaign contributors.

 Even Joe the Plumber has to realize when you buy something at Wal-Mart you contribute to the U.S. Trade Deficit and help eliminate yet another American job. Now Mr. Romney and the Republican party wants to ensure that every American citizen not born into the upper One Percent is forced to take a minimum wage job.

These people weren’t lazy or gaming the system. They had advanced degrees with high college debt and were trying to get another job in their field to avoid taking bankruptcy. Thanks to the wide spread use of Vendor Management Systems which do not allow submission of candidates above a posted pay rate, all of those jobs are going to visa workers. The Department of Labor hasn’t dramatically reduced the prevailing wage of these high tech jobs. Mr. Romney and friends have simply found a way to ensure they never again pay more than minimum wage for any service.

America, the newest country to adopt a policy of slavery.