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Business/Enterprise Class Computing

By | April 29, 2021

We now have a generation of kids who never worked on real computers, only x86 platforms; so Business Class Computing needs to be explained. This all started with an exchange I had on the qt-interest list with someone I respect. -Text isn’t a stream. Katepart would disagree. part of the exchange, their response to my… Read More »

Thank You For Your Future Abandonware

By | January 25, 2020

Few things honk me off quite as much as abandonware, especially when something good is abandoned. Microsoft could abandon everything they make and I would not care, none of it is a quality product. Other things really hurt. You are reading this because there was yet another Qt question on the Qt mailing list from… Read More »

How Far We’ve Come – Pt. 2

By | May 26, 2017

We need to establish a time frame before I start showing any code. Yes, you can go visit Source Forge to pull down what is there if you are well and truly desperate to view it. This portion is more about the journey than the code. xpnsqt The xpnsqt program was originally written around the… Read More »

The Return to Program Hiring

By | December 2, 2015

If you live long enough, everything comes around again. Well, hopefully not leisure suits, but it appears some things from the 70s are making a comeback. In this case it is mass hiring of tech workers from college. During the 60s and 70s there was a massive software development effort under way. There, quite literally… Read More »