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Cancer Simply Explained by Dr. Visar Vela

What Is Cancer and What Can We Do Against It?   Health, Medicine Date Published: November 11, 2023     Cut Through the Jargon and Finally Understand Cancer   Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases in the world. It can strike anyone, anytime, anywhere. But what if you could arm yourself with the latest scientific knowledge and practical strategies to prevent, detect and treat cancer? This book is for anyone interested in learning … Cancer Simply Explained by Dr. Visar VelaRead more

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The Truth About Anti Aging Foods by Elad Oren

Nonfiction / Health Date Published: October 2019     Author Elad Oren shares what he’s learned in over a decade working as a sport nutritionist and personal trainer about how to navigate the aging process, gracefully and healthfully. This info-packed book covers a range of topics on how to age well, including which foods to enjoy and which to avoid; how inflammation, oxidation, and glycation impact aging; how nutrition can prevent and reverse damage on … The Truth About Anti Aging Foods by Elad OrenRead more