SEPH: The Reflection of Divinity by E. Sandborn

Sci-Fi / Fantasy Date Published: 06-08-2021 Publisher: Sandpaper Press     Three thousand years ago the three races of Vinge, Human, Dak’or, and Fingalin, fled into space at the destruction of their planet. Now The Alliance between the three governments is at its breaking point. Between racial tensions caused by the elitist and wealthy Fingal […]

Vow Unbroken – Faerie Tales, Book 3

Faerie Tales, Book 3 Dark Fantasy, Epic Fantasy Release Date: May 28, 2021 In the third book of the Faerie Tales series, the story expands. In the outset story, Fergus, Aoife, and Niamh hunt down the reincarnation of Tamlin so that they might break the curse. On the inset story, Aoife attempts to find Cu […]