The Dream Metropolis by Miles Cressman

By | September 17, 2013

Sci-Fi – Fantasy
Date Published: 8/15/2011

The Dream Metropolis is a science fiction novel that posits the idea of dreams becoming reality, and reality fading away into obscurity. It explores the relationship people have between their real lives and the escape that only dreams can provide. 

The Dream Metropolis delves deep into the mechanics of dreaming, all inside of an abstract, ever-changing city of dreams. The people inside this artificial dream world see everything before them as real, even though they do not know that they are dreaming of each other, of other real people. 

They are part of a project that works to exploit their limitless, dreaming imagination in an attempt to separate the mind from the body forever, to create a real world inside of the mind. 

However, for a drug addict named Ash spending his last moments inside the Metropolis, dreaming forever doesn’t sound so appealing.

Guest Post

How Do You Keep Your Writing Different

The way I’ve found to differentiate my writing from piece to piece is to use different perspectives and different voices. Age is a huge factor, as is gender, sexuality, religion, and place of origin. However, characters are only a fraction of what it takes to change your work from piece to piece; arguably, setting is the most important aspect to keep changing up. You don’t want to be stuck as a writer writing about the same area or same weather or same point of interest. Reflecting the season you’re currently in is a great way to keep your writing fresh and new.

With my books, the way I wanted to make it different from everything I had written previously was to create a world that was constantly changing. The fact that no two scenes would be set in exactly the same place created a challenge and a benefit to writing different characters in these situations. Two characters may visit the same area of the Metropolis, but the way they describe it might be different, or it might change before their very eyes just by sheer will of their subconscious.

I had normally written stories with linear plots that were full of imagery, but had a very distinct A-to-B plot structure. Changing it up and using character arcs as a means of establishing a timeline (as fragmented as it is in the A Paean to Dreams series) allowed me some flexibility when it came to revealing plot and backstory when it was necessary, rather than slogging the plot down with overdone exposition.

Characters and setting are important, but plot pacing can definitely keep your writing fresh and new. Write stories that have different story flow, either fast-paced or slow-burning or somewhere in-between. This way you not only challenge yourself as a writer, but help yourself grow.

Miles Cressman

Miles Cressman was born in Arizona, but raised in Portland, Oregon, where he grew up enjoying complex fantasy and humanist satire such as Kurt Vonnegut. While attending the University of Oregon he started work on his first full-length novel, The Dream Metropolis, which would later go on to be part one of a four-part series entitled A Paean to Dreams, with its final, conclusive novel released in June of 2013. Miles graduated the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Arts in English, and now works on novels in his spare time. He has been featured in the Eugene, Oregon based literary journal, The Watercourse Journal, and has a short story featured in Kindle All Stars: Resistance Front, which also features the talents of Bernard Schaffer and Harlan Ellison.