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By | October 10, 2017

I don’t know if Amazon is directly behind this or it is some other puddle of scum. Just wanted to give a heads up to my customers. One thing is for certain, Amazon is definitely complicit in this, not weeding out the scum.

Pricing scam image

Pricing scam

Please note the north of $1500 price for my logic book. I also don’t know how someone branded it “collectible” since it is still available new from the publisher (me). Guess you gotta say something to pull off a $2400 scam.

I suspect a large piece of this fraud has to do with Amazon Prime where customers get one free one every so often and they “try to make it pay” by selecting the highest priced item listed.

Unless these scammers are selling used/review copies as new, I also don’t know where they are getting their inventory. I don’t fill any Amazon orders. The original ISBN is for the original printing done with real ink on a real printing press is different from the IngramSpark POD version.

Original logic book image

Original Logic book

As you can see, the original book has a $15 list price. It is still available from Barnes & Noble as well as other reputable retailers.

alternate sellers on barnes & noble image

Alternate Sellers on Barnes & Noble

These vendors advertising “new” are most likely selling the POD version. I’ve never shipped new inventory to them and they seemed to pop up once I put a version of this book on IngramSpark POD service to get it into Books-a-Million. It will be a toner printed version instead of ink.

The “like new” seller will most likely be selling you a review copy someone unloaded. It should be an ink print and have the original ISBN.

Just passing along a heads up about yet another Amazon pricing scam.

If you want to be certain you got an original ink print you have two reliable choices.

  1. Purchase directly from Barnes & Noble (not alternate). I supply the BN warehouse directly. Sometimes they second source via Alibris if rush shipping is requested.
  2. Visit Alibris and purchase directly from Logikal Solutions. This method ensures you got legitimate inventory which really is first run new.
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