Trump Was Right? – They use ‘The Chicago Way’

It is a shocking thing to contemplate, but it appears Trump was right about massive voting fraud to rig an election. We have had countless stories in the media about how it is _impossible_ to rig a national election. They have discussed the process, machine controls etc. ad nauseam, yet it seems to be true. It appears Hillary’s Democrats have resorted to “The Chicago Way.”

For those of you unfamiliar with Chicago politics, there has been a mantra in Illinois for generations:

In Chicago the dead never stop voting a straight Democratic ticket.

The mantra existed long before I was born and will most likely exist long after humans no longer occupy this planet. It comes to embody the level of corruption we have become used to in the Chicago television viewing area. Now, imagine my shock when ABC 7 Eyewitness News ran this story last night.

Where were CNN and the other supposedly respected news outlets with this? Does anyone _really_ believe Hillary’s Democratic party only pulled this stunt in Indiana? Come on! Rigging an election has _always_ had a single gaping security hole, voter registration. In an effort to get more people to register for voting, we make it easy. This ease, combined with general voter apathy makes it simple for political organizations to create thousands, perhaps millions, of fictitious voters, then have party loyalists drive around to the various precincts using these same voter registration cards. If the machines and process of voting is titanium clad and air tight, you simply have to move the fraud farther out.

Before you go thinking I’m whipping on Chicago a bit hard, it had a reputation before it became known as Chi-Raq. I will never forget an interview with someone from the FBI field office in Chicago. Not a formal interview mind you, he was bum-rushed on the sidewalk by reporters. I forget what the case of the day was, but the gist of his quote is burned into my mind. It was something like “lady, the FBI’s largest field office is in Chicago and there is a reason for that.”

Keeping track of Chicago/Illinois politicians sent to prison for corruption has become something of a pass time for people all over the world.

It is not surprising ABC 7 broke the story. What is surprising is the cone of silence which has descended all of the other “news outlets” regarding this story. What is more shocking, to me at least, is that the FBI hasn’t announced a massive pile of warrants to search and seize at every other Democratic party backed voter registration organization around the country. Odds of something this size being “an isolated incident” seem really small.