Hillary – Disbarred and Behind Bars?

One has to wonder just how low the ethical and moral threshold is of the Arkansas Bar Association. I mean if you can blatantly commit perjury without ever facing disbarment proceedings, what kind of “self policing” organization is that?

We as a nation are just days away from a choice between bad and worse, well, if you limit yourself to just the two major parties. I’ve already voted by mail and didn’t vote for either party if there was any other choice. What the talking heads and spin doctors haven’t been talking about is that this election is that the major qualification _any_ candidate can have is not belonging to either party.

One thing which has really annoyed me are the television personalities on the Jerry Springer network (also known as CNN) claiming they will move to Canada if Trump is elected. Personally, as long as they are finally off the air, I don’t care where they move.

The Jerry Springer network has been noticeably silent about the college educated people leaving the country if Hillary wins. I spoke to one yesterday and have been considering it myself. I’ve known the person I spoke with for years. We’ve even worked together at a couple of client sites. He has already contacted the Irish consulate and began the process of obtaining his Irish citizenship. Yes, he is moving to Ireland. Yet another college educated IT worker bailing from the U.S.

Why? A criminal enterprise is being allowed to run for the presidency. No, that is not too harsh of a phrase. Yet another FBI investigation is ongoing. Just like her husband she committed perjury. Oh, I’m sure there will be any number of lawyers trying to claim otherwise, but, as children we were all taught deliberately lying under oath is perjury and deliberately destroying evidence is obstruction.

Having lived in a country where the president (Bill) appeared to be constantly under criminal investigation, many college educated Americans don’t want to do it again. Television personalities can make all of the claims they want as to leaving the country, as a whole, the country will not care or miss them. Elected officials and policy makers who have been claiming for years we have a shortage of STEM graduates should care if there is an exodus of college educated STEM graduates based on the outcome of this election.

So here we sit. In a country where a lawyer is not disbarred for perjury, a political party can conspire to rig a primary, and where it is very difficult to put a sitting president in prison.

There has to be at least one higher up in the DNC who has finally smelled the tea brewing. Had they not conspired against Bernie he would be the candidate and Trump would be polling in the single digits. Now we all have to ask if the Justice Department has enough ethics to put a sitting president behind bars if Hillary wins.

Do we really want to be Brazil?