DNC – Rigger’s Remorse

The DNC has to have a serious Rigger’s Remorse hangover this morning. If they hadn’t rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders he would have gotten all of the people who hated Hillary and the people who can’t stand Trump. In short, he was assured a landslide victory, but corruption played a part time and time again.

Of course the scope of this Rigger’s Remorse cannot yet be known. Yes, we know what Wikileaks has exposed, but, a goodly number of DNC elite will most likely be going to prison over Indiana voter fraud as well as for all the other states that investigation spills over into. As the saying goes with big banks  never have ‘just one’ cockroach. I’m sure that same 25 registration quota/incentive/mandate was employed at other voter registration “organizations” tied to the Democratic party.

More importantly, Hillary will not have the shield of the White House like her husband did when it comes to facing her perjury and other charges. It will be much more difficult, if not completely impossible for her to Rush Limbaugh out of it.

It will be interesting to see if Trump also goes after the Wall Street bankers and puts a few of them behind bars as well. Previous administrations found them too big to prosecute.