Disappointed With Democratic Convention

While I really did like the political cartoon I saw with a caption “The Duel” where both party mascots shot themselves in the foot, I must say I was horribly disappointed with Monday night at the Democratic convention. The Republican convention was at least good fake reality, entertaining enough to watch the whole thing. Kind of like eating that entire bag of Doritos knowing full well you shouldn’t but doing it anyway.

The first major disappointment was when Sarah Silverman was on stage with that other comedian saying

“To the Bernie-or-bust people: You’re being ridiculous.”

The only ridiculous part about it was they were chanting “Bernie, Bernie, Bernie” instead of shouting:

Lock her up!

Lock her up!

Lock her up!

The massive and unforgivable disappointment came when the NPR/PBS News Hour team had Hillary’s campaign person in the studio spouting spin and not one of them ask the legitimate question:

Since it has now been proven Hillary could not win without a rigged election will she now step aside and let the rightful winner accept the nomination?

It’s a legitimate question. Every time Bernie Sanders won a state media people came up to him and said “You had a great night, when are you going to drop out?” I’m not a Democrat but I have to hand it to Bernie. He sat down at a table and played a game to completion knowing the deck had been stacked against him with every hand. Basically, he won.

Does the Democratic party have enough delusion to believe it can rig an entire national election? They’ve already proven that’s the only way Hillary could win their own primary. Do they honestly believe they can rig a general election too?

We all know the Clinton dictionary doesn’t include definitions for the words honesty, integrity and ethics. A candidate which had even one of those traits would bow out in the face of the WikiLeaks information. People can say what they wish about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and they will. This is twice now that his site exposed a big stinky pile.

One thing which always amazes me is the media an officials who always try to spin this into a “hackers are bad people” discussion. I spent roughly 30 years in IT. This isn’t a problem with hackers. This is and will always be a management problem. Management buying the lowest priced mass marketed pile of shit to handle email, store credit card and/or identity information all because it is cheap and they can get low wage workers to support it. The high priced proprietary systems generally don’t have these problems. This was the DNC. They spend tens and probably hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising but they couldn’t afford a decent closed email system? Nobody there ever heard of an “air gap” or a “one pipe mote,” seriously?

Monday night had a single bright spot. A floor interview with a Bernie delegate said she was going to vote for Jill Stein. It makes sense. More of her platform is Bernie’s than the token few planks Hillary adopted. We all know those platform planks for the two major parties tend to get thrown on a truck and hauled out of town after the election. Little if anything ever gets done about the ones which actually matter to voters. Seriously, how many decades have we been hearing about Social Security and Medicare needing to be “fixed” as a plank in presidential elections?

In case you haven’t guessed, I watched only a few minutes last night and won’t be watching anymore. It appears obvious the Democratic Party would rather bludgeon forward with the one candidate Donald Trump can beat instead of choosing the candidate who could beat him.

Yes, it really is time for Hillary to #FeelTheBern