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Calculating Your Minimum Billing Rate Pt. 1

“How do I calculate my minimum hourly billing rate?” I get asked this question a lot, and not just by green/new consultants. Whether you are billing locally or for work on-site around the country, the formula doesn’t change, it simply has additional values. Billrate = (onemonthhousing + onemonthtrans + $700)/40 Even a contract “down the street” is going to put you on the bench for a month if it doesn’t work out in the first … Calculating Your Minimum Billing Rate Pt. 1Read more

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Ethics in Income Act

Many years ago we had news stories about someone occupying a chair at a major brokerage firm for six months while “ the board” searched for a fulltime candidate. After attending only a handful of meetings, this individual pulled the ripcord on a $360 million dollar golden parachute. Needless to say, the blue and white collar workers who had retirement accounts holding mutual funds managed by said brokerage firm were immediately crying foul. The brokerage … Ethics in Income ActRead more

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Perhaps I’ve been an IT analyst too long. Perhaps I paid too much attention when I watched Food, Inc. Perhaps growing up on a farm has taught me too much about things city folk get befuddled on. All I know is that it gets frustrating to see see things like this, which were obviously created more for marketing than journalism. First off, I also remember the ASK.COM commercial with the family driving the RV … EggzactlyRead more

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Googled by Geeksquad

There are times when I could save myself a lot of heart ache if I followed my instincts or took my own advice. Recently, I’ve been back in Dublin, OH doing some work for a new client out that way. The start date was kind of rushed so I didn’t get everything packed I wanted to or configured the way it would be needed. I even had to use my own notebook at the client … Googled by GeeksquadRead more

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The Unseen Downside of a Down Economy

As a traveling consultant you would think that I would encounter this situation more often than I do. Well, one would think that if they didn’t know I usually try to take contracts long enough in length that I can move directly into a Corporate Housing unit rather than a hotel. My current contract was a phone call of desperation out of the blue. It seems that I specialize in these contracts anymore…off-shore resource brought … The Unseen Downside of a Down EconomyRead more