Pulling Sears Out of a Tail Spin

    It’s no secret Sears has been in a tail spin for years.  It’s also no secret the typical slash and burn tacticts MBAs try to employ for short term balance sheet correction aren’t working.  I’ve blogged often about Sears.  Here is a company with a chance to set the bar high for American retailers in this recovery and the continue to blow it by following the same downward spiral every other MBA seems to be Hell bent on.
    This weekend was a glaring example of what is wrong.  Perhaps you read the blog entry about how I couldn’t find a jean jacket I liked in my size in any store I went to.  What I left out is the fact I also ventured into Sears at that same mall.  Not only could I not find a jean jacket, I found yet another example of why Sears is in a downward spiral.  You see Sears had a sale going on so I picked up some shirts (which I’m pretty certain won’t last more than half a dozen washes) and two pair of identical Outdoor Life blue jeans.  The information on the manufacturers sticker says they even came off the same line in Bangladesh.  Both 32″ inseam and relaxed fit.  The dye jobs were dramatically different, but I was willing to let that slide.  On Sunday I got around to trying them on.  The first pair fit like I expected, barefoot the cuff graced the carpet.  The second pair showed half my ankle.  Come on!  A two inch variance is acceptable?
    If Sears wants to set the bar high and return to its glory days it needs to do one thing.  Put out a corporate mandate to only sell American made products.  The country will beat a path to its doors.  Trying to find an American made pair of blue jeans at a retailer today is like trying to find an honest politician in Washington.