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Discount DVDs – The Factory

This Saturday I visited the local Big Lots and dug through their bins of $3 and $5 movies. This pursuit has become quite regular since Block Buster ended its DVD by mail business and I have found a suitable replacement. No, Netflix is neither suitable nor a replacement.

I don’t mind buying up “end lot” DVDs. There appear to be actual “new” DVDs appearing in this market. I don’t mean first run, I mean “new” packages. There seems to be an increasing number of multiple movie DVDs showing up in the $5-$7 price range. Many of these are really old movies which seem to be making another run at financial prosperity by getting bundled together. I picked up a 12 military movie package, as well as a 4 movie and 5 movie action set. True some are B-grade, but I hadn’t seen most of them.

It is nice to see studios coming to the realization that unlimited high speed Internet simply doesn’t exist in 80% of the country. Once the full price full package set runs its course they either put the movie in a cheaper package or bundle it with other similar genre movies in a package at a cheap price. I’m sure this trend will go away if unlimited high speed Internet ever actually rolls out to the country, but I’m also pretty certain that isn’t going to happen. It’s all about quarterly profits, not providing service. Now that DVD by mail is pretty much gone I expect there will be a big up-tick in the sale of low price point DVDs.

Do the math. I used to pay $20/month for DVD by mail from Block Buster. Since Netflix has offended the majority of consumers, they aren’t an option for the bulk of the population. Until someone like Barnes & Noble steps into the DVD by mail with in-store exchanges market low priced DVDs are going to move. At the time Block Buster ended their business I had over 200 titles in my list. I would have had more, but they had a policy of not replacing movies when the last copy was damaged, or so it appeared.

The great thing about the low price DVD bins is that they contain both coal and diamonds. While I may watch quite a few movies, I certainly haven’t seen all I wish to see. Due to stations like Fox running Iron Man and Transformers constantly I’ve probably seen those movies 20 times. Even in the $3 bin I’m not going to pick them up because they are always on. Maybe 10 years from now, if the networks quit running them, but not now when I can watch them close to 20 times per year.

My current diamond is a movie I had never heard of called “The Factory” starring John Cusack. I must confess to always liking Cusack. Even in bad movies he is good. Thankfully this movie was fantastic. I don’t know if it went straight to DVD or what, but watch it! I write many things which end up going places people weren’t expecting, but this knocked me out. Part of me wishes I could have seen it in a theater with surround sound. The part of me which finds it difficult to avoid going to the bathroom for 2 hours while drinking those massive sodas they sell isn’t, but that’s a story which comes with age.

I give this movie both thumbs up and every star vote allowed. It is well worth the time. Sit back with a glass/box of wine and relax knowing you will get blown away.