Amazon vs. Fast Food and Costco

I really wish this article would have also included an actual Amazon worker rather than just documenting all of the warehouse workers who have walked off the job.  These are the jobs certain individuals are championing as “the economic revival”.  In truth it is economic terrorism for most.  They _all_ need to be forced into a Costco management training program.

One can understand the low starting wage at Wendy’s.  Very few people can take the production grind.  I would like to see some turn over numbers because, excluding the Great Recession time frame, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was over 300%.

I can completely believe the worker expects to be promoted.  One thing is certain about fast food, you cannot have a chain restaurant at every Interstate exit until you have a management team to run each of them.  If you survive the grind and _want_ to be a manager of some kind, you can easily poke your head above the poverty line.  Most franchise type fast food chains want you to train your assistant manager well so they can move you into a franchise location you actually own (usually financed by the corporation.)  Once you own a store, how much you make is up to you and the location.

What is the poverty line?  For a family of 4 it is considered to be $23,050.  According to glassdoor, the stars have to really align for you to get above that at an Amazon warehouse.

Someone in Washington should be asking Amazon how it is Costco can be brick & mortar, pay sales tax, payroll tax, income tax, and realestate taxes; yet still provide health care, 401K, and a living wage, but Amazon cannot?  Seriously?  Why is it a warehouse store can pay its people roughly double what the largest on-line retailer pays the bulk of its warehouse workers?  Really?  Doesn’t the store have a lot more overhead?  Why is it Wendy’s and other fast food chains can promote people up in a scant few years to a position where they have the opportunity achieve an American dream of owning their own business when, according to glassdoor, an Amazon warehouse worker will not achieve the American dream of owning their own home.

I must admit that I’ve never joined Costco.  Being single, I don’t think I would ever buy enough to make it worth my while.  I may just join them now to support their policies though.  I mean, I’ve never read anything like this about Costco.

Most people don’t want to be CEO.  They simply want to be treated with respect, earn a living wage, own a home, and raise a family.  It’s called the American Dream.  If you are a publicly traded company doing business in America it is your resonsibiliy to provide a path to achieving the American Dream.