You’re Only an Ass Until You Are Proven Right

By | May 28, 2011

Quite a few months ago I started writing my first novel, “Infinite Exposure”. The first 18 chapters are available for free in PDF format here:

I hadn’t really thought about writing a novel prior to writing this one. Yes, I had ideas, but I liked focusing on writing geek books. During an on-line interview for one of my geek books I was asked to explain where I saw IT going in the next five to ten years. I couldn’t adequately answer in the space allowed. Most people handed that question have some pat prognastication about computers which fit in the palm of your hand and expand to a full desktop on command, or some other SciFi type answer to satisfy the reviewer. I didn’t want to give such a brush off answer, instead, I chose to give an honest answer.

“The off-shoring of IT jobs will lead to the largest terrorist strike the free world has ever seen, and ultimately nuclear war.”

There were several follow up questions from the interviewer, but you could tell by the way they were phrased that they didn’t really understand what they had been told. In short, you could tell they were listening to MBA types who thought I was just being an ass because off-shoring was cutting into my livelihood. While that was a plausible cover story, it simply wasn’t the truth.

In the book “Infinite Exposure” I attempted to tell a story which would lay it out in terms a non-geek could understand. Admittedly, I shied away from taking the story about black market organs and stem cells as far as I shoul d have, but I didn’t want to detract from people focusing on the larger threat.

The news is now telling a tale about a very small time version of the attack I fear most.

FBI Uncovers Worldwide $9M ATM Card Scam (RBS WorldPay),0,7303260.story

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