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You Are to Be Fully Trained for a Job That Doesn’t Exist

President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors issued a report on the future of the U.S. job market which stated: “Well-trained and highly-skilled workers will be best positioned to secure high-wage jobs, thereby fueling American prosperity.” What they failed to state was that as long as the criminal enterprise of offshoring is allowed to continue unchecked, there will be no high paying jobs left on the American continent. Oh, there will be a handful of those jobs handed down to family members of the Aristocracy, but none that could be had by education and gumption alone.

The policies of the Clinton administration, which went unchecked during the W. Administration have put in motion a two class society or America. The “Have Mores” and the “ Have Nots”. Until there is a $45,000 per head tax placed on companies who either create or maintain a job offshore, either directly as an employee or indirectly via service contract or partnership, there will never be high paying jobs created in this country again. Right now the plug has been pulled out of the drain and we are watching the whirl water gets just before the last of it goes down the drain.

Even after all of the historical evidence, they still keep leaving the same policies in place. The bankruptcy of GM because they and EDS lead the charge in offshoring. The collapse of the housing market, due in large part to the removal of IT workers from the “Flip this House” group. Those of you who need further reminding need to read a previous blog here title “Welcome to the Age of Corruption”.

What is disheartening to see and hear is the fact nobody involved in the economic planning and advising has taken it upon themselves to fix the one thing which will fix most everything else, stopping the whirl down the drain. Perhaps one could cut the administration some slack with the old adage “when you’re up to your ass in alligators it is hard to remember your objective was to drain the swamp.” Well, you need to pay for all of your programs President Obama. One of the best ways to pay for that is to charge the $45,000 per head tax on offshore jobs created or maintained either directly or indirectly. The fastest way to bring those jobs back is to remove the economic viability. There is no reason to fund college education when the very jobs the graduate will be qualified to hold have all left the country.