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The title really says it all. It appears that the tiny handful of desktops left running Windows in the world is oblivious to the fact they’ve been left behind. They keep hearing that posting in news groups and in blogs on the Internet is a way for them to “sell” something or “stay relevant”. In truth it just shows how out of touch they really are.

Oh, you know who they are. Many of you are too polite to tell them this isn’t the 1850s anymore, women actually have the right to vote and are allowed to drive after they learn how to read and pass the same test men take. You all know how to spot these individuals though. They have all of the funky punctuation


Come on, you’ve all gotten them.  Probably hundreds of them.  If you’ve been unfortunate enough to work on a project headed by some DOT NOT fan determined to write an application which would only run on the last five computers in the world running Windows, you’ve encountered it as well.  Heck, I’ve had one that was paying $250/hr for me who absolutely refused to believe multi-byte and Unicode were not the same thing despite the thousands of times lovely little pictures like the one above spit up on his screen.

Some day people will learn that Microsoft products have no place on the Internet.  We can only hope it happens before they become those sad heavily medicated stories we hear about from the old folks home.

Then they wonder why they can’t sell copies of their book. It’s
because they don’t know who their audience is.