Vista The Thud Heard ’round the World

May 26, 2011
It has been some time now since MS turned Vista loose upon innocents to reek havoc. Almost everyone I’ve spoken with says this is the worst MS OS ever. It is not surprising you see various corporations and government agencies (most notably the DOT as reported in Information Week) ban upgrading to it.

We should not be surprised about the sorry state of this OS. This was an off-shored product. Even if various entities hadn’t been telling everyone that 60-80% of the code was written in India, the delivery schedule and quality would. Two years late, and it still doesn’t work. That is pretty much par for off-shore development.

The benefactors of this great debacle have been both MAC and Linux. Even MS recognized the poor quality of Vista and signed a pact with Novell to get its foot into the Linux market. Quite honestly, if you take the time to select everything you want, rather than just taking the defaults when installing it, SuSE Linux 10.2 64-bit AMD edition with the Gnome desktop is a very secure and capable desktop. It doesn’t like nVidia RAID at this point but that will be resolved at some point. The nVidia chipset must be kind of buggy because every motherboard I have seen with it on there also provides connections for EIDE.

Ah, just think about how much money MS saved by doing this development off-shore…Two years late, buggy, and a complete alienation of American software developers. Open Source is gaining lots of steam and people who would never own an Apple product are now looking at buying two.