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The Nextbook 10.1 From Wal-Mart

Let me start out by saying it is against my religion to purchase anything from Wal-mart. The client of a client wanted us to test our the software we were developing on a Nextbook Flexx. We already had a rash of hardware, desktops with Linux, Android devices, tablets, etc. so my client backed off on buying even more. Since I was coming home that weekend I offered to swing by China enslavement Inc. and pick one up on my way back.

If you have even one tiny problem return Nextbook

Ignore everything you see in the packaging about contacting technical support instead of returning. If you have even the tiniest bit of trouble with one of these units immediately take it back for refund/exchange. I went down the technical support route and let me tell you, they would have to improve by biblical proportions just to attain the level of useless. It is my firm opinion their one and only purpose is to tie you up waiting for email responses until 15 or whatever day in-store exchange policy has expired. After filing a ticket it takes roughly a week before you see a response. That response will simply be a stupid question which has nothing to do with your issue. Once you reply you are back on the waiting list.

Since my unit was trashed and a coworker who is a Microsoft certified whatever that is obligated to go around to help with developer training events and consumer education needed to test with Windows 10 I told him to go ahead and install it. He didn’t have the non-Microsoft drivers for the unit, but it functioned enough for what he wanted to test.

After repeated attempts to go through the support denial service asking for either a link to an ISO to re-flash the device to 8.1 or a link to the Windows 10 drivers I was finally told they could be of no help. Gee! Imagine that. Keep in mind the roughly one week turn between request an useless response for every request. Part of me thinks the support center must be in North Korea or some other impoverished country where the building only gets electricity one day per week. I mean for no more help than they were they could have set up an auto-responder to provide useless responses to every inbound support request.

Here’s How You Fix Windows 10 on Nextbook

What infuriates me most about this situation is that they obviously didn’t even have Internet access or know how to use a search engine. So, assuming you got Windows 10 installed on your device and the screen rotation along with a bunch of other things aren’t working, here is how you fix it.

Your first Web search should lead you to this link. You want to notice the link on the page to pull down this file.

Once you have that file unzip it into a directory then navigate to system settings->device manager. Do not just apply a driver for the devices shown in error, apply them all. Yes, it is slow and boring and many of the drivers won’t update because you already have the current one from Microsoft, but apply them all. When you get done reboot and turn orientation lock off. You will see the screen will come up flipped in laptop mode. Do not fear. Feel free to lock and fix rotation if it helps you keep your sanity.

You now want to navigate to this link. On it you will find many comments and instructions. You will also find this file.

You will need to install 7Zip on your computer to unzip the contents. Do not install or unzip anything other than the screen orientation stuff. The rest of it errors out and simply doesn’t work correctly, at least it didn’t for me. Run the executable to install the screen driver, then reboot. Do not skip the reboot step. After rebooting navigate to your downloads folder and double click on the registry fix file. This last step will clear your orientation problems.

That’s it. I found these answers with one Web search. Counting the time to apply each and every device driver I spent under an hour. Technical support couldn’t be bothered to obtain this information.

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