Internet Explorer Tombstone

Truer words were never etched into a tombstone than the ones on the Internet Explorer tombstone. The only thing you ever willingly did with it was download Firefox and Opera. I really wish the EU would have bitch slapped Microsoft more on having it (and Edge) be 100% removable. Come to think of it whatever happened to that judge that got all honked off when Microsoft released a version of Windows that would install without ie then refused to boot? They should have put Bill Gates in prison over that. He would still be married because he wouldn’t have gotten out to become buddies with Jeffrey Epstein.

Yes, I’ve written about Internet Explorer before on this blog. When I stumbled onto the Internet Explorer tombstone I just had to add a post about it. In case you can’t see the featured image, here it is again.

Internet Explorer tombestone
Internet Explorer tombestone

According to the article he spend about $330 American to design and create this thing. Don’t know what size it is though or what it was made out of. I know the tombstone we purchased for my father was thousands, not hundreds of dollars.

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