Information Technology

HP UX and MS Windows Fail

It isn’t really a surprise to anyone who knows anything about technology. It is only a shock to those missguided souls who listen to that marketing firm known as The Gartner Group. Recently the Shanghai Stock Exchange announce it will be replacing its current HP UX trading engine with a next generation platform developed completely on OpenVMS.

Why? Unix can’t cut it and Windows couldn’t even find the knife.

This choice was made in a country where MS has claimed they lost billions due to piracy. I’m thinking more along the lines that billions of people took one look at the pathetic offerings from MS and turned up their collective noses.

China has had a long history of low quality and low quality control. Chinese steel has always had quality problems and now the gloves are coming off. A brand new twin roll steel mill being built just outside of Hong Kong is going on-line inside of 18 months. OpenVMS will run it. The Shanghai Stock Exchange has had almost as many problems with UX as the London Stock Exchange has had with their Aurther Andersen delivered MS Windows debacle.

Financial institutions in China are also beginning the migration away from feeble platforms like UX and Windows to fault tolerant distributed OpenVMS clusters. China has finally learned the lesson clueless MBA’s in this country forgot.

“When it absolutely has to work, it goes on OpenVMS.”