Doesn’t Work Any Better Than Last Year

I really tried.  Here’s a clue for the MBAs out there.  You cannot use Agile and Java to develop a production quality Web site.  You can develop things which don’t really matter like Google and eBay, but you cannot develop a production quality site with that methodology and language.  It is always a train wreck.

Talk about really poor design.  You have to unlock your credit and expose yourself to all manner of identity theft just to use this site.  If you have done the prudent thing and locked your credit down to avoid being a victim of identity theft be prepared to be victimized by  Unlock everything BEFORE you visit this site.

Why is the federal government using Experian for identity verification anyway?  Did some Republican get a major campaign contribution to make that happen?  Sure feels like it.  (Having been to the site I am partially standing while typing this so please forgive any typos.  Just can’t sit down.)

Voice verification is a complete joke!  You get a code, which I assumed to be a challenge code.  You sit on hold forever.  Once you finally get through to someone and answer all of their questions, that’s it.  You just click on “I have verified…” and you are allowed to continue.  Only an Agile/Java team would come up with something that half-assed!  Real developers using real methodologies and real languages wouldn’t even think of such an implementation in a drunken stupor.  Challenge/Response is the ONLY tool.  They give you a challenge code.  You do the voice verification and that person keys the code into the response generator, then you key the response into the Web site to continue.

I have been to many times this morning.  I still cannot complete an application.  It starts me over from the beginning each and every time.  I also see some red “error” screens popping up.

Don’t get me wrong.  Unlike the bulk of the Republican party, I’m not a piece of shit.  I firmly believe ObamaCare is what this country needed.  I also firmly believe the Republican party infested itself into the law hoping to become a fatal cancer for it just like they have become for the country.  (You call yourself patriots then put forth candidates which have off-shored American jobs???  Seriously???  You must all live in Washington state where smoking herb is legal!)

At some point I will try again, but I cannot waste countless hours on a completely broke Web site developed with an inferior methodology and a poor tool set.