Information Technology

Did Yahoo Get Hacked?

This past week I logged into a customer network via VPN and checked email. There was an email from the network administrator telling everyone to stop using Yahoo search because it was redirecting to malicious sites. He said he had been notified by the federal government on this matter.

Naturally I’m curious about this so I use DuckDuckGo to search for some kind of news announcement. I don’t normally use Yahoo since it is Bing in sheep’s clothing but search engines would be how forward thinking criminals would hack. Think about it, hack a site and you only get the computers which happen to find the site. Hack a search engine and you get the millions of users who do a simple search.

Nothing. I find all kinds of historical Yahoo hack announcements from years back, but nothing for 2016. I also found last fall’s ad network exploit, but I found nothing about the search engine hack. Has anybody else heard of such a thing in recent history?