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Converting Lotus WordPro to OpenOffice

I must confess. Back in the days when I was forced to use that God forsaken Windows platform, I fell in love with the Lotus SmartSuite. When I migrated to OS/2, SmartSuite was right there with me. Yes, I had to run WordPerfect in the Windows 3.1 emulation thing for some work I did, not because WordPro couldn’t do it, but because people wanted to use WordPerfect. Sadly, IBM didn’t migrate the SmartSuite product to 64-bit Ubuntu or any other Linux. People are only willing to deal with that Wine contraption for so long.

Having been in love with Lotus WordPro for so long, I amassed a lot of LWP documents. I probably should have converted them with that obscure Windows XP partition I have, but I only boot that partition about twice per year to play “Lords of the Realm” or “Starcraft”. The rest of the year, it is just consuming disk space which could be better utilized.

I tried a lot of things and posted a lot of questions over the years. This week I found something close to an answer. IBM has come very late to the “free word processor” market. They have released IBM Symphony.

This product is no Lotus SmartSuite. The word processor can’t hold a candle to Lotus WordPro, then again, neither can anything else currently on the market. Every office suite on the planet is still trying to catch up to SmartSuite 98. Besides the watered down word processor, you will find they also didn’t bother to include Lotus Approach.

Despite everything which is missing, this product service one critical purpose for those used SmartSuite 98. You can directly open an LWP file and save it in Open Document Format. The search for a conversion tool is over.