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2020 – The Year AGILE Bankrupts Amazon

Ring camera imageYou really would have to be living under a rock in a third world country to not have heard about the new lawsuit against Amazon (AMZN) and Ring. If you have just click the link and watch the ABC News report. Having this happen during an election year after all of the privacy issues Facebook, Apple, and Google have had means the lawsuit(s) will get plenty of attention. Most likely they will get a massive financial award inspiring other lawsuits and Federal laws.

AGILE is just a trendy word for hacking on the fly without any real plan, just a collection of “user stories” to get around SOX financial rules. You cannot build anything which will connect to the Internet from a consumer home this way. You need The Four Holy Documents along with a system architect enforcing real security, not just a password and TLS/SSL. That’s a joke. Kids like hacking on the fly and corporations love getting around Sarbanes Oxley regulations so AGILE is now in corporate Vogue.

Who cares if AGILE means lax security created by kids too young to know what security is or could be? Who cares if it means evil doers can now record you without your knowledge, not just your private conversations, but you naked doing things you don’t want made public? You probably won’t visit the porn site they got put on anyway. Who cares if those evil doers record your children in various states of undress and post it on kiddie porn sites? A fast buck was made and that is the only concern.

Ultimately, that is the basis of this current lawsuit and the thousands of others sure to follow.

It amazes me just how stupid the human species can be. Did you honestly think anything affordably priced having a camera and/or microphone could be connected to the Internet and left turned on?

Smart speakers get hacked regularly or so this article states. Nanny cams have also been getting hacked and publicly exposed by news media. Humans seemed to put up with hackers quietly listening in on their smart speakers, gaining the password and account information for their bank and brokerage accounts, but reality finally set in with Ring.

Seriously, just because a hacker didn’t start talking to you over your device doesn’t mean it hasn’t been hacked. The real evil doers will listen for months or years, recording everything and using whatever they want. Do you really think you can visit every porn site on the regular Internet and The Dark Web looking at every picture to see if your family has been compromised? Do you really think when your identity is stolen that investigators will be able to track it back to your “smart” device then imprison the perp who hacked it? Guess again.

Privacy laws are all well and good, but unless there are security laws establishing minimum security standards and providing criminal (prison time) penalties for every Internet connectable “consumer device” they only way to change corporate behavior is to sue the company out of business. Amazon (AMZN) has just provided the straw which broke the camel’s back. The flood of lawsuits will now commence.

You know, lawmakers don’t have to look to far for minimum acceptable security. The FDA already has a bunch of regulations for medial devices and they require an independent testing company working from The Four Holy Documents alone develop their own set of tests for the device. They really just need to give some federal agency the authority to enforce FDA level security standards on consumer devices. Until then Amazon will just be writing a lot of checks. As with Big Tobacco, the first court victory opens the flood gates.