Beware GlassDoor Company Reviews

Some fools believe they can trust company reviews on because they are “vetted.” More fool you!

Not long ago I was attempting to place this review for both IBM and Collabera. It’s a true and honest recanting of just how completely void of ethics both companies are. Demanding new-hire contractors break the law to work for you can’t be considered ethical under any circumstances.

I posted basically that exact same text to Glassdoor. Not too long after I got the following email.

glassdoor email

Pointing out how a company requires you to break the law before starting is considered revealing trade secrets by Glassdoor. This means you can never get an honest review.

If a company is going to demand you break the law don’t you want to know about it before you apply?

This means Frances Haugen can testify before Congress how Facebook chose profits over child safety, but she cannot put it in a Glassdoor review. That would be revealing a “trade secret.”

If you quite working at a talcum powder factory because management demanded you falsify tests/FDA reports about asbestos content, you could testify before Congress and a federal judge, but you couldn’t put it in a Glassdoor company review. That would be revealing a “trade secret.”

How about if you quit your job over this? It appears black men have good reason to not want to be injected with anything. Oh, don’t worry. You couldn’t put any of that in a company review on Glassdoor either. That would be revealing a “trade secret.”

Here’s another “trade secret” someone might really want to know about before they apply for a job there.