The Fake Recession

You have been hearing lots of recession talk in the news. It’s all marketing for a fake recession to hide the fact companies got caught with their hand in the financial cookie jar again. Donald Trump has proved to the world that people are imbeciles who will believe anything if they hear it enough. There are still people who believe him and believe the rigged election bullshit despite 60 failed lawsuits that provided zero evidence to support the claim.

To really understand this you need to have sat through the most boring documentary ever made, Merchants of Doubt.

It points out the process, but doesn’t directly address the IT visa worker fraud happening since the early days of the Obama administration.

Visa Worker Expansion

Can you remember all the way back to 2013 when stories like this were everywhere? OMG there aren’t enough programmers! That was also a fraud, beating the perpetual drum of a “skills gap.” The reality was they could get away with paying visa workers $60K/year or less. U.S. citizen wages were $120-$180K. The real “gap” was the wage gap.

That article I wrote was in 2012. Well organized criminal fraud lasts 7-10 years, lest you forget the “mortgage crisis” which was well organized criminal fraud committed by big banks and investment firms.

IT Slavery

There was a mad rush to import IT slaves, even Disney got in on it. Despite the original law specifically stating companies could not replace U.S. citizens with visa workers they all did it and nobody went to prison. America became the newest global slave state. Basically companies dusted off practices from The Great Depression. Now they could import near limitless low wage slaves and if the slave gave them any trouble send them back home in exchange for another desperate soul.

The Boycotts and Payback

Numerous boycotts happened with Disney. They have lost billions of dollars and even though the stock is down 50% from its high, is still not a buy. Apple got into trouble with the $90 million compensation package for its CEO and the deplorable conditions in the iPhone factories.

Big Tech Becomes Big Tobacco

Seattle became the first school system to sue Big Tech over what it is doing to the mental health of youth. They won’t be the last. Now is when you really need to have watched the most boring documentary ever made. It covers the Big Tobacco lawsuits and much of what Big Tobbaco did to wriggle out of it.

Big Tech has followed the Big Tobacco playbook for building social media. Make it addictive. Make it seem cool to kids. Keep them hooked until they die.

I’ve written about social media being human poison before. Near the end of 2021 we even had a Facebook whistleblower. Really damning when they walk out of the building with the documentation and hand it to Congress.

Big Tech Loses $1 Trillion in 3 Days

The downward spiral of Big Tech has been well documented. Ordinary people have become completely disgusted with Big Tech and its non-existent ethics/social conscience. This article has a really great stat to quote.

The top 10% owned a record 89% of individually held corporate equities and mutual fund shares at the end of 2021.

CNBC article above

NPR’s Marketplace had a statement last night that something like 24% of all stocks are held by the top 1%.

Of course they are willing to market the fraud of a recession. They are currently losing their collective asses with no end in sight!

Department of Labor Finally Wakes Up

In October of 2020 they dramatically increased the wages visa workers must be paid.

Miner gave the following examples of increased wages: A Level I computer programmer in Chicago previously fell under a $50,000 annual wage minimum. That person is now at a $90,000 wage minimum. A Level 4 programmer in Chicago who was previously at a $120,000 wage minimum is now at a floor of $222,000 per year.

courtesy of

It took part of 2021 for existing wages to come up for review. You know every corporation tried to reclassify every visa worker as Level I. California helped the federal government follow up on this effort. Other states jumped on the bandwagon.


If you live in a state and go from making $50K to making $220K you pay more taxes. Corporations hide their profits overseas but W-2 workers are simply screwed.

Now You Know Why

The upper 1% were and still are massively invested in Big Tech. The stock prices for Big Tech across the board are in the toilet and the Ty-D-bowl man is about to pull the silver chain.

1977 Ty-D-bowl commercial

To them this has to be a recession.

Big Tech wants to dump all of those expensive visa workers but needs a cover story. After all, they are open to criminal fraud charges over all that “skills gap” fraud they committed. If they suddenly lay off 18,000 workers because they are “not needed” some CEO or board member is going to prison.

Enter all of this talk about a recession in the press immediately in front of Amazon, Meta, and every other visa worker heavy company announcing massive layoffs.

The Up-Side for U.S. Workers

It may not seem obvious, but there is a significant up-side for U.S. workers in all of this. The visa workers getting laid off have 90-days or less to get a new job before they have to return to their countries of origin. Hopefully you will listen to that article. It was meant to garner sympathy for the soon to be departed tech workers, but it’s a glimmer of hope for U.S. born IT workers. Take special note to the stat they utter about Meta. 1-in-5 are visa workers at the place. You can bet they are laying off the expensive visa workers first. That means U.S. workers will find their wages increasing up to that $220K/year mark.

Argue all you want, U.S. born tech worker wages are going to go up to that level soon. It’s basic math. If you want to keep U.S. citizens you have to increase their wages. If you bring in a visa worker you have to pay them even more.

In short, the visa program has gotten back to its origins. It was supposed to be for extremely rare and highly paid skills we simply didn’t have, not a pipeline for slaves.

Expect the big IT consulting firms that are mostly visa workers to turn in massive losses soon as well. They have turned high profits by paying their people nothing. Say bye-bye to the slavery train.

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