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Beware DilyStore Fraud

I buy a lot on-line, almost never get screwed. Made the mistake of thinking DuckDuckGo vetted their shopping. Bought from; got Screwed. Complained to PayPal; got screwed. Involved the U.S. Post Office; got money back.

The problem with people today is they all seem to think fixing things is someone else’s problem. Seriously. Complaining to sites like these

Doesn’t put anyone from in prison. It also doesn’t get DilyStore removed from DuckDuckGo Shopping. It also doesn’t remove the “belief” that only vetted etailers are listed in DuckDuckGo shopping.

The Scam

Now that they pretty much aren’t made anymore, I finally decided to snag a Dewalt 18v impact wrench. Well, this was egged on by having the planter break down in the field at the start of soybean planting one morning. We managed to get that bolt out, but a cordless impact wrench would have made the job a snap. I have the rest of the 18v set so there was no question which brand and model I would purchase.

Went to DuckDuckGo shopping

DuckDuckGo shopping

Notice the odd names that are neither eBay nor The names seem to change every few days if not every day. When you click on them they will take you to a site that looks like this

Or this

The name at the top will change as will the decorations. One of the above complaint links had a pretty good list of the various site names. The names appear to change enough that a complete list is probably impossible.

The Hook

Each site will have this

Oh, they seal the deal by accepting PayPal. They gotta be legit, don’t they?

The Fraud

Much of the time it appears they hope you purchase something and forget about it. When you contact customer service to complain and get a refund, you get no response. Days go past and you hear nothing. This is a classic stall tactic to run out the CC clock. Every card has a limit to the number of days after you purchase something until you can no longer get a refund.

When you go to PayPal and attempt to get your money back, they respond almost immediately with a fictitious USPS tracking number. When I opened my Case PP-D-151002029 with PayPal I don’t think it was two days before I got a system email from PayPal telling me the seller provided this USPS tracking number: 9400109206094844341796

Go ahead. Look that up. If you can tunnel down to the details you will see that is for a 3 ounce First Class mailing/shipment. The impact wrench weighs north of 4 pounds without battery.

First-Class Mail weight limit

Just in case you think I made that up, look here.

Why it works

The scammers keep changing the name(s) of the site to keep the site alive in various “shopping” engines. Scammers have figured out that PayPal (and probably many merchant account services) never bother to look at the actual tracking information. They see something got delivered to a city where you live and close the case. They don’t check the size and weight.

To get this overturned you have to physically go to your local Post Office, get information they cannot give you over the Internet, scan it in, then post links to it on DropBox (or some other) file site where you can privately share. Then you have to force PayPal (or your particular merchant account services firm) to actually look at it during appeal.

How are they getting the tracking numbers?

Don’t know. My first guess would be they have bots on so many computers mining people’s email that they can now run a query to find a tracking number for a given city with a date range that works. Honestly, that’s for the Postal Inspectors to work out.

The scammers are obviously foreign. I don’t say that to be racist, I say that because violating the Post Office, a federally mandated entity that is not technically part of the federal government, is a different can of worms that violating UPS or FedEx. There are special laws governing the Post Office. When you are texting and driving and run over someone’s mailbox it isn’t just an accident, it’s a federal crime. Look it up.

How do you fix this scam?

Glad you asked. If they scam you with a USPS tracking number, you go to this site. You fill out the form. Fill it out completely. The Post Office has inspectors for this. Running a scam involving the U.S. Postal Service is a crime with its own name and sentencing guidelines: Mail Fraud. Look it up. When the Postal Inspectors start getting hundreds/thousands of these forms all for DilyStore or one of the names on the warning site links above, it will float to the top of the “Investigate and Prosecute” queue.