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There Never Was a Skills Gap

It’s quite refreshing to find out that now even the Wall Street Journal is supporting the very statement I have made for years. There is not now, nor was there ever a skills gap. I love this quote from the article:  I had an employer write to me the other day saying they had a skills gap, and they really did. It wasn’t wages, because they did market wage surveys, and they were paying what … There Never Was a Skills GapRead more

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Yet Another Cloud Failure

How many massive outages does it take before companies realize all of that money they are “saving” by hosting clouds on ALT-CTRL-DEL hardware is costing them a fortune? Amazon outage I warned about this quite openly in my award winning book “The Minimum You Need to Know About Service Oriented Architecture” Perhaps that is why it won an award? Do ya think? You can create a successful cloud, but, it requires an OS which truly … Yet Another Cloud FailureRead more

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Why the LS-120 Still Survives

I’ve written about the LS-120 on this blog before but I thought about it again today.  You see, yet another Micro Center sales paper showed up.  There were big sections for USB flash drives and SD cards, but nothing listed for organizers.  I paid a visit to eBay to find a bunch of SD travel cases aimed at family vacationers, but nothing for desktop storage and organization.  There was absolutely nothing for USB flash drives … Why the LS-120 Still SurvivesRead more

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It May Not Be Your RAM

Several months ago it seemed like my monitor quit working after a reboot. It had been working just fine before that, so, naturally I was perplexed. My ViewSonic VG2030wm had never failed me before, and it “seemed” like it should be working. I swapped out the video card for another card with DVI port and had some odd display. OpenSuSE told me the monitor was not responding with its type which seemed quite strange. Both … It May Not Be Your RAMRead more