Page 33 – Not the 24 Million

I have been seeing a good many crazy eyed frothing at the mouth type people spouting true and false things about the 24 million who would lose coverage under Trump Care. Most of them only get their news from propaganda sites and channels.

The problem with skimming propaganda sites for snippets which feed the crazed eyed frothing of the mouth is that those sites don’t do any real analysis either, such as critically reading the report. In searching for the sensational they miss the truly important such as this item on page 33.

Consists mainly of the effects of changes in taxable compensation on revenues. CBO also estimates that outlays for Social Security benefits would decrease by about $3 billion over the 2017-2026 period.

Social Security benefits decrease when more people die than enter the program. In short, Social Security would save about $3 billion because more people die under Trump Care than Obamacare. I was quite surprised I did not see a line (perhaps I missed it) about all of the welfare/SNAP money which would also be saved by Trump Care. I mean, most of the people who die won’t be wealthy. The wealthy will be able to afford health insurance, health care as well as fresh, healthy food. It is the poor, eating highly processed, prepackaged food because it is all they can afford who won’t be able to afford health insurance or health care so they will die.