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Relational database vendors stepped up to the plate DEC RDB (Relational DataBase, I know, creative) had long since provided SQLMOD. These were source modules you compiled into object form which could then be added to your site specific library and used by any application. This is one of the reasons service oriented architecture was our first solution. It was very easy to whip up a server that accepted data streams in known formats from raw TCP/IP ports and message queues then chewed on it and returned a result. The Java and Web developers began decrying, not unjustifiably, that the remote services were getting overloaded and taking too long to respond. Part of this was the volume being fed to them and the other part was “just add it here” syndrome.…

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Oddly enough, this question came up recently. Actually it came up more in the form of “Can you define SOA for me?” When you work in IT every day and design solutions to problems, not just code, your first reaction is “That’s like asking an auto mechanic to define a half inch wrench.” Later, you see the reasoning behind the question. To some people SOA is the exposing of heritage data silos to new applications and dashboards used by upper management when making decisions. While this is a tidy little definition, and where a lot of SOA efforts start, it certainly isn’t SOA. To some people, it means “putting your business on the Web and getting rich!” This really has nothing to do with SOA, but, it plays well in…

Information Technology

Logikal Solutions is proud to announce that “The Minimum You Need to Know About Service Oriented Architecture” ISBN-13 978-0-9770866-6-5 has been declared a finalist in the 2009 Eric Hoffer Awards. This award competition is much more general that there is no category for computer related books, they must compete with all other business and reference books. Many of you reading this may also be aware that “ The Minimum You Need to Know About Service Oriented Architecture” also won a Best Book Award from USA Book News, which does have a category for computer books.